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ICO Secretariat| Country lather | Tue Oct 5

Press Release >> International Coffee Council 134th Session: Towards the renewal of a unique coffee diplomacy space

6 October 2022, Bogotá, Colombia – The International Coffee Organization (ICO) convened the 134th session of the International Coffee Council, gathering the ICO Members to discuss and agree on wide-ranging issues impacting the coffee sector. This session was marked by the opening for signature of the new International Coffee Agreement (ICA 2022). While government membership remains central, the agreement’s new mandate will absorb private sector participation enabling key coffee public and private decision-makers to align their views and decide on joint actions that will achieve a more sustainable and prosperous sector… Read more

ICO Secretariat| Country lather | Tue Oct 5

Coffee Public-Private Task Force >> The 4th CEOs & Global Leaders Forum: a renewed commitment towards sustainability and farmers’ prosperity

5 October 2022, Bogotá (Colombia) – The International Coffee Organization (ICO) and its Coffee Public-Private Task Force has convened its members and other stakeholders and development partners to attend the 4th CEOs & Global Leaders Forum, powered by IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative. The successful outcome of the 4th Forum was the release of a Communiqué expressing the commitment of companies and organizations of the coffee industry, and the ICO Members, to endorse the implementation of the 2020-2030 Roadmap, to delegate the necessary capacity to actively support the Task Force activities, and to work with the ICO to contribute towards securing the necessary resources and engaging with international finance institutions and development partners. The Task Force members and the ICC also agreed to reconvene the CEO & Global Leaders Forum next year… Read more

ICO Secretariat| Country lather | Thu Nov 25

Latest Studies & Reports  >> The ICO has released various studies and reports on the global coffee sector

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Economic studies and reports on topics such as coffee price volatility, risk management and the effects of tariffs on the coffee trade are published on a regular basis. The Coffee Exporters Guide, which was compiled by the ITC with the ICO and other organizations, covers trends such as niche markets, organic and fair trade labelling, codes of conduct and environmental issues. The ICO Step-by-Step Guide to promote consumption is another resource which has resulted in investments of some US$30 million promotion programmes and workshops in producing countries, with further investments in the pipeline.

ICO Secretariat| Country lather | Fri Jan 28

Coffee price rise continues in November reaching a 10-year high

In November 2021, coffee prices reached new multi-year highs, as the monthly average of the ICO composite indicator price was 195.17 US cents/lb, an increase of 7.5% as compared to 181.57 US cents/lb in October 2021. These price levels during coffee year 2021/22 mark a significant and steady recovery from the low levels experienced over the four preceding coffee years.

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