Coffee Task Force Events

WEBINAR – 5 June 2023

The webinar entitled “ICO partnerships in action: our work and engagement across the sector” focused on engaging key players who wish to benefit from the ICO’s 60 years of expertise in providing crucial solutions and information for the coffee sector.

 WEBINAR – 24 April 2023

Our webinar on the EU Regulation on Deforestation-Free Supply Chains (EUDR) organized by the Coffee Public-Private Task Force on April 24, gathered over 260 participants across the coffee sector and the representatives from European Union (EU), keen to debate the new regulatory framework developed by the EU to fight worldwide deforestation and forest degradation. This was the third event over the past 12 months for the ICO to look into this important issue and to inform but also to highlight solutions and way forward.

Press Release
Multistakeholder Platform

“The EU’s comprehensive approach to achieving the food system transformation implied by the deforestation-free supply chain and to addressing the questions of how to monitor countries around the world and make this goal achievable, including by farmers, will involve multilateral engagement and dialogue with consuming and producing countries, as well as the private sector. The ICO is ready to facilitate this dialogue. Combating deforestation should go hand in hand with creating incentives for a transition to a more sustainable use of natural resources, which will help preserve more intact forests, stimulate market opportunities for sustainable coffee products, and ensure responsible consumption.” 

Vanusia Nogueira, ICO Executive Director

“Europe is the world’s largest coffee market. On average, the EU 27 accounts for 34% of the total coffee exports for the 51 origins, meaning that Europe is importing and transforming more than one third of the coffee production of the world. Therefore, the new EU regulation could be an opportunity to reinforce the cooperation between farmers, businesses and governments towards the adoption of a systemic approach to sustainable sourcing. As a depositary of the only trade instrument for coffee diplomacy and action, the International Coffee Agreement (ICA 2022), the ICO and its Coffee Public Private Task Force will be in a position to assist all stakeholders and partners in bridging the gap between aspiration and implementation.”

Massimiliano Fabian, Chair of the International Coffee Council

WEBINAR – 3 MaY 2023

Living income is defined as a sufficient income generated by a household to afford a decent standard of living for the household members. By anchoring coffee prices to farm-specific costs of production and Living Income Benchmarks, we can close the living income gap for coffee producers around the world and build a truly sustainable and fair supply chain, ensure the sustainability of the coffee sector.

We have a shared responsibility throughout the whole coffee supply chain to achieve prosperous living and sustainable income for the smallhoder coffee farmers. Ensuring a decent living alone is not enough for the coffee farmer who also has to prosper in order to secure the necessary resources to produce coffee sustainably. The ICO Coffee Public-Private Task Force’s Living-Prosperous Income Workstream is key to tackle coffee farmers’ poverty, assessing real and target income and their differences in each country to establish a country-by-country diagnosis, and bring together government and private sector to close the gap between real and living sustainable income and increase the prosperity of the farmers in the long run.” 

Vanusia Nogueira, ICO Executive Director

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