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Gender Tracker


Embedding Gender Transformative strategies and approaches within the ICO Coffee Public-Private Task Force


In 2021, thanks to the support of GIZ, the Oxfam Gender Advisory team worked closely with the ICO Task Force and Technical Workstream (TWS) facilitators, participated in Task Force and TWS meetings, and offered inputs and advice on the development of Task Force and TWS proposals from a gender perspective.


As part of this engagement, a proposal of recommendations to embed gender transformative strategies within the Task Force has been developed. Access the full proposal here. A Gender Tracker tool has also been developed and will be made available to ICO Members and coffee stakeholders.


What is a gender transformative approach?


Adopting a gender transformative approach means going beyond the symptoms and addressing the root causes of gendered dimensions of poverty, vulnerability, and inequality. It involves changing the policies and practices of institutions (such as communities, governments, and businesses) and the social norms, attitudes, and practices that sustain discrimination.


The Gender Tracker can be accessed here.

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