Historical Data on the
Global Coffee Trade

The selected data may be downloaded in PDF format (Acrobat Reader) or in a Excel file for analysis, provided the
International Coffee Organization is clearly acknowledged as the source of data. The historical data not available online is protected and is sent electronically to anyone interested, subject to a charge based on the information
requested. Students may apply for a limited amount of data, free of charge, subject to fulfilling the established
criteria*. For historical data please contact: stats@ico.org

Document SC-59/15 details all the data concepts and variables used in the statistical publications of the Organization. .

Historical Data

1965 – 1989 1990- Present
Data requests:   stats@ico.org *
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Supply Data
Total production - Crop Year £250 Excel | PDF
Domestic consumption - Crop Year £250
Gross opening stocks - Crop Year £250
Exports - Crop Year £250
Trade Statistics Data
Exports - Calendar Year £250
Imports - Calendar Year £250
Re-exports - Calendar Year £250
Price Data (US cents per lb)
Prices to Growers - Annual Averages £250
Retail Prices - Annual Averages £250
ICO Composite & Group
Indicator Prices
- Monthly Averages

ICO Composite & Group
Indicator Prices - Daily Prices

Inventories/Consumption Data
Inventories - End of Year £250
Disappearance (consumption) - End of Year £250
Non-Member Data
Imports - Calendar Year £250
Re-exports - Calendar Year £250