Support The Programme


There Are A Number Of Ways To Get Involved In International Coffee Day 2020


Part of this year’s programme includes offering a degree of financial support to those young people selected to be involved in the programme.

Structured funding will ensure that participants in the programme are able to pitch their ideas and receive the support to sustain their efforts to build a strong future for the coffee sector.

Skills Development

Consistent development of the latest skills and techniques in coffee and in business are vital to ensuring that the next generation of young people in coffee have the best chance of bringing their innovations and ideas to life, and ultimately the best opportunity to succeed. 

The ICO welcomes support from all actors in the coffee industry and beyond to help develop the skills of young people in the programme.


 The ‘Coffee’s Next Generation’ programme will enable young coffee entrepreneurs to network and exchange ideas and experiences by connecting them with a wide range of coffee experts, industry leaders, business professionals and more, to further their development. 

If you would like to support the programme and arrange or join a networking event, please get in touch below.

Social Media

Getting the word out and raising awareness is one of the most important parts of any campaign and this year’s ICD is no different. We’re working to create a movement, but to do so, we need your help. 

Help us to help coffee’s next generation by spreading the word and sharing our message online across your social media channels. Download the campaign images and use the hashtag #CoffeeNextGen to join the conversation.

If you would like to get involved beyond any of the options listed above, please get in touch with us.